July 21, 2024

Today, education is one of the most expensive human necessities. I call it a human necessity, because it is only with education, that you can be able to live a full fruitful life. Sure, some people have prospered even without having to go to school, but those are very few. Without quality education, you will more often than not be passed over, and the jobs given to the educated people. Education is, therefore, very essential for survival today. However, many people cannot afford to part with money for education. This is because; they earn very little income, that at the end of the day, after subtracting all expenses necessary, there is hardly any income left to invest in education.It is, for this reason that, the United States government has come up to help its citizens get some basic education. It has done so, through the award of college grants, school grants and other grants, which are geared towards ensuring that citizens get educated without having to strain their income or be exploited by money lenders. The US government grants for education are awarded free of charge to students who really need them.However, before you are given a grant, you are supposed to meet certain criteria. Grants are awarded on two bases, that is, the merit basis and the financial need basis. The merit basis grant is for students who have excelled academically in the previous semesters of study. On the other hand, the financial need grant is for students whose families can hardly afford to send them to school. In your application for either of these grants, you will need to furnish proof of either your excellent academic record, or your financial statements, which show your inability to pay for education.After establishing the fact that, the US government awards grants for education, it is important for us to examine how and where these grants can be got from. The best place to find education grants is the on campus financial aid office. These offices usually have information about the free government grants and how they can be applied for.In addition, information about school grants can also be got from the internet. Grants.gov is the official government grant website, where you will find information about the different education grants. This site will also have an application form (FAFSA), which you will be required to fill in truthfully. You are required in fill in all the fields in this application, because it is this information you provide, which will determine if the grant is or is not awarded to you.